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This Black Friday, we're having a set of plans that changes every hour.
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Name vCPUs Ram Disk Bandwidth Price Platform Actions
$? /YR KVM VPS Deploy


Per Year

Browse more VPS plans this Black Friday, limited stocks available, price is recurring 😀

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Per Month

Browse more Scalable Cloud plans this Black Friday, limited stocks with free backups and snapshots 😇

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Included Features

CloudCone VPSs are packed with features crafted under a click with our easy to use control panel

Upgrade Resources

You’re able to upgrade your resources at the time of deploying or at any time later. Once you pick your preferred VPS, you can increase individual resources based on the server you’ve selected, before you deploy. Being able to upgrade individual resources means no packages, no unnecessary resources and hence no unwanted costs.

SSD Cached

SSD Cached storage technology is an accelerated storage type that caches your Virtual Private Servers frequently read/written data, allowing much faster IOPS compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives. SSD Cached storage has read speeds that are on par with SSDs, which accelerates your hosted applications compared to Hard Disk Drives.

Instant Re-installs

Rebuilding your Virtual Private Server can be done right through our intuitive cloud dashboard

Recovery Mode

If you lose access to your server, or it doesn’t boot up as usual due to a human error, use the recovery mode anytime.

Root Access

Take 100% control of your VPS. Having root access lets you install control panels, applications on your VPS

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to chat with us :)

How can i order plans from the hourly flash sale?

We will display new plans every hour, these plans will have a very limited stock. To deploy the plans, you would need to add funds to your account first, then you can deploy the plan

Will you help with migrating my existing server to CloudCone?

Yes, we can definitely help migrate if your current server has cPanel installed, and the server you purchase from us also has cPanel installed. For Non-cPanel migrations, we will evaluate your case and proceed with the best step forward.

What Payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, we support all major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and Alipay.

Are the prices recurring and how do I upgrade my plan?

Yes, the price you agree to initially will stay the same as long as you continue with the same plan. If you choose to switch to a different plan you can do so by upgrading to a higher plan within the same group of promotional plans.

Where are your data centers located?

Our data centers are located in Los Angeles, California with worldwide connectivity. You can go ahead and test our network with Looking Glass..